A day of a sports photographer

As a photographer at a sporting event, my day is all about preparation and capturing the excitement of the competition. Before the event, I research the sport, the teams, the players, and the venue to get a feel for what I'll be working with. I also make sure I have all my equipment, including my camera bodies, lenses, and accessories.

Once I arrive at the venue, I take some time to scout out the best shooting positions and to get a sense of the lighting conditions. I may also chat with the event staff to clarify any restrictions or access issues.

Before the event begins, I set up my equipment, including tripods and cameras, and double-check all my settings. I also make any necessary adjustments to my camera settings based on the lighting.

During the event, my focus is on capturing the key moments and the action. I move around the venue to get different angles and perspectives, and I use different lenses to zoom in on the action or to capture wider shots of the crowd and the venue.

Once the event is finished the fun begins. Generally I will get back home and unload sometimes 1000's of photos to my backup hard drives. From there I will sit down with a massive cup of coffee or sometimes a nice cold beer and start the selection and editing process. This can take hours but I do find it relaxing.

Once all the photos have been edited, depending on my clients needs I will upload all the final images into a personal online gallery for the competitors to select and download their favourite shots.

Being a photographer at a sporting event can be challenging and demanding, but it's also incredibly rewarding. I love capturing the energy and excitement of live events and the thrill of competition.